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Capture the Australian sun for reliable power wherever you need it

Automotive Caravan Solar installers

At Outback Automotive, our dedicated caravan solar installers will prepare you to travel to even the most remote destinations without worrying about straying too far from a power source. Our high-quality solar and battery installations will give you the freedom to fully appreciate the beauty of rural Australia without saying goodbye to the luxuries of modern life.

Benefits of Installing solar panels on your caravan

If you’re planning on travelling long distances around Australia, our caravan solar panel installers can offer you a range of benefits to make your trip more enjoyable. 

Take advantage of our 30 years experience. We’ll help you get the right solar panels and batteries for your trip​

Durable solar panels

We work with high-quality flexible e-arc panels by SUNMAN that can go the distance under our harsh Australian sun.

Long-lasting batteries

Our recommended batteries are Voltec Lithium Batteries, which consistently perform well.

Simple controls

Victron control units and REDARC products that are easy to use, minimal power loss, good product warranty.

1-4 years Warranty on parts

Electrical parts are given 1-4 years warranty, depending on the part. We will let you know what applies to your system.

will you fit other brands? Can i supply my own parts?

Yes! Everything is discussed upfront, and you can choose to go with our recommended products or your own preferred alternative.

While we can install parts you supply, we don’t recommend it. If something goes wrong with the products, you will have the job of chasing warranty with the manufacturer.

How do I work out what size battery and number of panels i need?

Your Caravan Solar Installers will meet with you and discuss your needs before working out a quote. You will be asked questions like how many items you want to be able to run now or in the future, and whether you want a 240 inverter. The rule of thumb is that the solar panels must provide 300 watts of output for each 100Ah battery.

Will you teach me how to use my solar installation?

We can upgrade a range of different vehicles, floats, and trailers with high-quality solar panels and batteries, and our installation options can be fully customised to suit your needs. To ensure you’re set up with the perfect power system for your float, trailer, RV, or caravan, our solar installers will take the time to accurately determine:

  • How far you’re travelling
  • How long you’re likely to stay off-grid
  • How much energy you’ll need to run your appliances


After your solar installation is complete, we will provide a full handover along with all manufacturer user documentation so you’ll be confident to use your new system from the moment you drive away.