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Vehicle weighing

Electronic Vehicle Weighing Services

Outback Automotive provides vehicle weighing services to ensure your vehicle’s weight is safe, legal, and well-distributed before you travel. Overweight or imbalanced caravans, floats, and trailers can result in a range of issues, including invalid insurance, hefty fines, and serious road accidents.

Checking your vehicle’s weight before a trip can help you avoid such incidents so you can travel securely and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. At Outback Automotive, we can weigh your vehicle, caravan, boat, or trailer and provide you with results that are accurate to the kilogram. 

We can also provide you with a printout of your GVM, ATM, Axle Loads, GCM, and Towball Weight, so you know exactly how much your load is. 

The NuWeigh system can give you accurate weight measurements for vehicles, caravans, campers, horse floats and other trailers. 

A weight for every wheel and the tow ball, plus trailer weight connected and disconnected from vehicle. We provide a printout of your GVM, ATM, Axle Loads, GCM and Tow ball weight. 

Results will be accurate to the kilogram.

At a weighbridge you will only get one overall weight rather than individual weights, plus we can come to you.

This helps you to check if your load is even, which can save you from road accidents where an uneven load on a bad camber can cause your trailer to sway and tip up.

Yes! Absolutely. Get in touch with our friendly team to arrange an on-site visit.

A flat concrete or bitumen surface. It can’t be a curved road or on a hill. It can be in your shed or driveway, the road outside your home, or a nearby school or parking lot, if it is flat and has room to park safely for up to an hour.

Yes absolutely, we’re able to weigh inside our workshop on our flat concrete floor.