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The Australian bush can be unforgiving. Smooth out your ride with

4WD and Caravan Suspension Upgrades

Outback Automotive provides high-quality 4WD caravan suspension upgrades in Morayfield just north of Brisbane to make your journey as smooth as possible, no matter how far you’re travelling. 

Why do I need suspension upgrades?

Suspension upgrades can have a number of different benefits for your vehicle. Not only do they make your journey smoother, but they also offer more stability and reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle, especially when heading off road. 

Upgrading your suspension can significantly reduce the impact on your vehicle when travelling along uneven roads. Not only does this reduce the stress on your caravan or 4WD, but it also lessens the stress on you, making for a more secure, comfortable ride!

How do suspension upgrades work?

Our experienced automotive technicians will make your journey safer and more pleasant no matter how long the trip is or what kind of terrain you’re travelling across. They will upgrade your vehicle’s shock absorbers, improve the sway control on caravans with electronic stability control and increase ground clearance on your 4WD. 

What vehicles can Outback Automotive Upgrade?

Whether you’re after on-road or off-road suspension upgrades, Outback Automotive can help. Dedicated to making your long-distance trips as smooth as possible, we provide high-quality suspension upgrades for the following vehicles:

What about the greasable suspension upgrade on kimberley karavans?

The upgrade allows you or an automotive technician to easily grease the pivot points of the suspension arms, thereby increasing their life. Without this they will eventually run out of grease. The upgraded design has been signed off by an engineer. You need to set aside a minimum of 3 days for the suspension upgrade.

How much does it cost to upgrade my suspension?

Suspension upgrades are actually more cost-effective than you may think and can be a great investment for your vehicle. Caravans and 4WDs with older suspension systems can often sustain unnecessary damage, leading to costly repairs.

With proper upgrades, you can avoid such costs, keeping your suspension steady and safe for years to come. To get an exact quote for your vehicle’s suspension upgrades, head over to our contact page and get in touch with a member of our team today.

Why choose Outback Automotive?

At Outback Automotive, we have over 30 years of experience working on a variety of caravans, 4WDs, and more. With our extensive industry knowledge, deep understanding of the Aussie outback, and a strong commitment to quality, there’s nobody better equipped to upgrade your suspension.

Using the very best products and tools, we will thoroughly assess your caravan or 4WD and provide it with the best upgrades to ensure you’re fully prepared before you head out back.