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Outback Automotive provides a range of high-quality services to help you stay on the right path as you embark on your long-distance journeys. Whether you’re after intricate modifications, reliable vehicle weighing, or comprehensive caravan servicing, our Brisbane-based automotive shop can help.

Expert Caravan servicing, repairs and upgrades

The experienced team at Outback Automotive provide comprehensive caravan servicing and repairs in Brisbane North. Before you head out back on your next adventure, stop into Outback Automotive for a complete check to ensure your 4WD and caravan or camper are able to go the distance. 


Comprehensive servicing

We provide logbook and general servicing and repairs for all vehicles. From preparing 4WDs for all terrain and outback adventures to expert advice and workmanship for every camper and caravan. 

Caravan, trailer and vehicle Modifications

Prepare your vehicle to take on the great Aussie outback! We can provide a range of modifications and upgrades to get your vehicle ready for long-distance trips across all kinds of terrain. From improving the long-term performance of your engines to strengthening the suspension on your trailers and horse floats, Outback Automotive does it all. We can help with:

Solar panels and battery installation

Outback Automotive will supply and fit battery systems on all suitable vehicles, floats, and trailers. Travel long distances and feel safe in the knowledge that you will have a reliable power source no matter how far you go.

Whether you need your current solar panels or batteries to be replaced, or you’re looking to get your vehicle kitted out for the first time, Outback Automotive can help. 

Vehicle and Caravan weighing

Outback Automotive provides vehicle and caravan weighing services to ensure your vehicle’s weight is safe, legal, and well-distributed before you travel. Overweight or imbalanced caravans, floats, and trailers can result in a range of issues, including invalid insurance, hefty fines, and serious road accidents.

Caravan Wheel Alignment

Regular wheel alignments on your caravan help ensure that there is even pressure on the tyres, reducing uneven wear that can shorten their lifespan. 

Air con servicing & repairs

Keep cool all year round by making sure your air conditioning is working perfectly! Outback Automotive provides full air-con servicing and repairs to all vehicles so you can face the Australian heat without a problem.

Trailer and horse float repairs and maintenance

Ensure a safe, comfortable ride for your equine companion with regular float maintenance and repairs. We can also modify your float to accomodate you and your horse on the road.

Caravan wheel alignment

Avoid excessive wear on your tyres, suspension and brakes with accurate wheel alignment to optimise driving stability, maximise tyre life and improve your overall handling performance.